Insight & Solution
In 2022, The Sims players, also known as simmers, spent a record-setting 1.4 billion hours of gameplay living out their dream lives and exploring different career paths through their Sims characters. While simmers can select from a wide range of careers—becoming doctors, detectives, astronauts, and athletes—there’s an entire suite of untouched careers in the creative industry. If we provide new career opportunities in this field, we can raise awareness of the options, give simmers a chance to explore, and inspire them to turn their in-game creative careers into a reality.
In partnership with The Sims, we’ll create an exclusive career expansion pack with six creative career paths, each coordinating with the result groups in the Career Ladder quiz. By introducing a new set of creative career paths, we’ll give simmers the opportunity to learn about options that they may want to pursue outside of the game. To help players make their in-game dream jobs a reality, we’ll host several Twitch streams with real creative professionals. During these streams, the professionals will discuss their real career while playing through the corresponding career in the game.
The Team
CD: Kenley Diaz
AD: Natalie Turner
CW: Kathleen Cameron​​​​​​​

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